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"Regent is proud to partner with SharedBook Inc. to provide our guests with a personalized souvenir of their Regent Experience. The books have been appreciated by our guests who love to share the book with loved ones as a gift or to keep for themselves as a memento of their voyage."
- Sophie Vlessing, Vice President, Customer Strategy & Marketing, Regent

SharedBook has created a rich set of tools for creating books on a real-time basis from content libraries. By allowing users to generate their own material and customize the content they select, SharedBook delivers specially-tailored information products on demand.

SharedBook's Custom Publishing platform allows customized and personalized books to be created dynamically and then displayed as flipbooks on the Web, downloaded as PDFs, or professionally printed. SharedBook specializes in integrating and publishing data from various sources through its own proprietary creation tools, which dramatically change the economics of book publishing.

The SharedBook platform has extensive and flexible capabilities that can be isolated to provide what a Partner needs.

Basic Personalization: The simplest form of the SharedBook application is Basic Personalization. This can be seen with the creation of a digital flyleaf for Random House and with a few personalized elements on the prayer book, Your Daily Inspiring Word.

Reverse Publishing: Sharedbook's technology enables Reverse Publishing of content from a web site to a printed form or a downloadable PDF. Legacy.com features this capability -

For example, the Boston Globe. To see this feature click View & Sign Guest Books, then click on a Featured Guest Book, and finally click on the button on the right that says "Professionally Print this Guest Book".

Smart Button: SharedBook's "Smart Button™" can be seen on Legacy's Memorial Sites. Click on any memorial website. You'll see the button to Print the site on the left. Click on it and it will automatically pull all the chapters of the site into a bridge page, from where one can then edit the choice of content. A user can assemble a book from one or more chapters, and then choose to personalize more if he/she so desires.

New Title Creation using Smart Button: Likewise, an editor can use Smart Button to assemble web content and create a virtual book to be sold through both SharedBook and third party marketplaces, printed on demand, and thereby eliminating all the start up, printing and inventory costs of book publishing.

Annotation: SharedBook's annotation technology allows a pre-identified group of users to contextually add comments to any component of a document: a date, a word, a phrase, a sentence or a paragraph. In allowing users to air their thoughts in context through online footnoting, but not allowing the original content to be changed or edited, SharedBook creates a digital platform for discussion of policies, legislation, literature or any written work with participants from anywhere in the world.

SharedBook's annotation capabilities were developed to engage multiple users interactively and to allow discussion to occur within context. It can be applied to any document of any length and will break the document into its natural chapters or sections to allow users to most easily find their areas of interest.

SharedBook's platform operates in real time. As comments are added, the corresponding footnotes are updated instantly. As users become engaged in the dialog, they are notified by email when replies to their comments have been made. In this way, there is an ongoing discussion which can be kept current.

Control of the discussion remains with the content owner, and it can be opened for the widest reaching discourse or limited to a select group of individuals. The owner of the content can specify user groups, as well as delineations within user groups.

SharedBook's patented platform also has a compilation and print capability, which allows books to be created from the original content with all or some combination of the annotations, which appear in the book as footnotes. The book, which can be a PDF download or a manufactured soft or hard cover product, is formatted dynamically, with the correct pagination and Table of Contents. Holding the discussion on the SharedBook annotation platform enables the site owner to preserve a record of the comments, and through the book creation tool, the owner can make available a printed copy of the original text and any subset of comments for further distribution.

SharedBook's annotation platform is a revolutionary tool. It harnesses the nearly unlimited distribution capability of the Web to offer an easy and intuitive means of digital discussion, reinventing public discourse through technology.

All of SharedBook's applications are offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, behind the look and feel determined by the Brand Partner.

A sampling of current SharedBook partners includes Legacy.com, CaringBridge.com, Random House, Penguin USA, F+W Media and Blog2Print.com.

For more information, contact Sales, 888-212-3121, sales@sharedbook.com.

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