For 17 years, we’ve been helping content creators meet evolving expectations.

Our Story

Seventeen Years, and Millions of Learners

While learners increasingly need anytime, anywhere content access to meet the demands of their professional or academic lives, authors are often uncertain how to address these needs while maintaining control of the materials they have labored so hard to develop. As a result, readers do not experience the full value of their content, and authors miss opportunities to increase demand for their materials and satisfaction with their clients.

XanEdu has spent 17 years helping authors, trainers, consultants, college faculty and others augment great content with the consumer-grade digital user experiences that modern employees, students, and consumers expect and demand. Founded in 2000, XanEdu serves more than 1,000 organizations and 600,000 learners per year. SharedBook, XanEdu’s new platform for secure digital and mobile publishing, extends our content delivery expertise and technology to training firms, consultants, and anyone delivering high-value content to businesses and organizations.